Top 5 Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning FoodsTo effectively lose weight you need to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise regimen. This is probably not breaking news to you, but did you know that there are foods you can incorporate into your diet that will actually help you burn fat? There are a number of foods that will help increase your fat-burning furnace and help you lose weight. Certain fat burning foods can help increase your metabolism, while some require more energy to process and others hold chemical properties that increase fat burning and weight loss. Here we are going over the top 5 foods that will help us burn more calories and reduce calorie intake.

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5. Lean Chicken Breast

What exactly makes chicken breast one of the fat burning foods you should add to your diet plan? Protein, and lots of it. Foods high in protein are harder for your body to process which results in more energy being expended. Chicken breast is one of the purest sources of protein as the skinless variety contains almost no fat. Protein is also a key ingredient to building muscle, which will help increase your metabolism. High protein foods are also more satiating than foods high in carbohydrates or fats which will help control hunger.

4. Chili Peppers

Chili peppers contain the ingredient  the chemical that makes the pepper hot. Studies have shown that eating a meal with spicy properties can increase your metabolism by 25 percent for a few hours after the meal. This boost of metabolism will spike your calorie burning furnace which means more weight loss.

3. Salmonsalmon

Studies have shown that mice with high levels of the chemical leptin have slower metabolisms than those with low levels. Eating salmon can reduce leptin which in turn will boost your metabolism. Salmon also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as the good and essential fats. Omega-3s can inhibit hunger and also helps the body burn calories. Salmon is also loaded with protein which we have already discussed the fat burning benefits of.

2. Green Tea

Green tea contains the chemical EGCG which raises your metabolic rate and helps you store less fat by inhibiting synthase, which is a fatty acid that turns carbs into fat. Green tea also contains caffeine which will increase lipolysis, which breaks down fat. Caffeine also supports thermogenesis which can raise your metabolism temporarily spiking your metabolism.  Check out Green Coffee Bean Max for a great green coffee bean supplement!

1. Whole Grains like Brown Rice, Oatmeal, and Whole Grain Breads

Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that keep your insulin from spiking after consumption. This is good because sudden spikes in insulin, which can be caused by eating the wrong foods, will signal the body that it needs to store fat. Whole grains also have high fiber content. Fiber helps move food through your digestive tracts faster, which means less calories are absorbed by the body which reduces caloric intake. Fiber is also very satiating which will help curb hunger.

By incorporating these fat burning foods into your diet your fat burning furnace will be running at top performance throughout the day, fighting off and eliminating fat from your body. 

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